Athens in three days: Day two

Oh, I’m a really really lazy blogger. But I’ve been busy working, moving to a new flat and being a foster mom for the supercute cat Kika. I’ve been doing some more short trips as well in the last months, so at my current writing rate, in 2016 you’ll see a post here for Edinburgh, in 2026 one for Slovenia and in 2036 another one for Napoli.

So, having a look at my phone pictures, on our second day in Athens, my mum insisted on going to the Port of Piraeus. Once there, we found a flying dolphin going to the island of Aegina and there we went. There are many companies travelling there, you might want to check the timetables beforehand:


Our first stop was the temple of Apollo. From this temple, there is now just a column on the top of the hill of Kolona.

Aegina Apollo Temple

You definitely have to use your imagination to picture how the temple might have looked before, but that poor old column is somewhat charming. From up there you also can enjoy a nice view of the port of Aegina:


Befor or after seeing these stones, it is a good idea to have a look at… some other stones!, which are conveniently located in the Archaeological Museum of Aegina, at the entrance to the archaeological site of Kolona.

Archaeological Museum Aegina

Bear in mind that the museum and the site are only open from 8:00 to 15:00 in the winter season. We were lucky and arrived there one hour before closing time.

For lunch, we stopped at one of the restaurants by the seaside. Restaurant Aegina

I had a salad which was decent but not worth of a photo, but who cares about food. There were cats all over the place, that makes it the purrrfect restaurant.

Due to some lack of planning, we didn’t manage to see the Temple of Aphaea, so we just walked around the town instead.

The church of Panagitsa, close to the port, is nice to see:


There was a dog that followed us for a while.


Maybe he noticed that we were carrying tasty pistachios and wanted to get some.


I always get extremely happy when I can eat some local food in the places that I travel to, and this was the case with this pistachios, which seem to be well-known internationally.

The cute Chapel of St Nicholas, at the entrance of the port, was one of the last things we saw in Aegina before jumping into a flying dolphin back to Athens:IMG_20150404_172525

All in all, I totally would recommend to spend a day in Aegina while visiting Athens, but please plan in advance and allocate some time for the temple of Aphaea. And be nice and send me some pistachios 🙂


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