Australia was not on my plans when I started this trip, but then I found out that it was possible to fly from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney for just 130€, so I decided it was time to check another continent. Just Antarctica is missing on my list now!

My first stop was Sydney.


My 6 days in the city went by so fast that I have the feeling that I spent just a weekend there. To be honest, I didn’t find Sydney much different from any big European city. Except for the fact that it’s in Australia and, as everywhere in that country, there are a lot of animals that might kill you: spiders, ticks, snakes, crocodiles, jellyfish, sharks… all of them are ready to welcome you with a fatal bite.


Well, maybe you won’t exactly find a crocodile sleeping on your bed in Sydney, but I did have an encounter with a redback spider in Melbourne.

As I have done in some of the other cities I’ve been to, I downloaded the Tripadvisor app for Sydney and checked many of the suggested itineraries. After walking in the Royal Botanic Gardens, where I went “hunting” for exotic birds,


I saw the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge at sunset


and then I crossed the bridge as the sky was getting darker and darker.


Another day, I went to visit the Hyde Park Barracks Museum:


Australia was once the place where many British convicts were sent to work and this building from 1819 served as accommodation for them in Sydney. One of the statistics that remained in my head from all the information in the Barracks is that nowadays one in every ten Australians is a descendant of a convict.

For a day out, I booked a tour to the Blue Mountains. These day tours are ruining my travel budget, but there is no other way to discover some places that shouldn’t be missed. Like these ones:


King's Tableland




The Three Sisters

I would like to post pictures of me having lunch at some cozy vegan restaurant in Sydney, but everything is so expensive in that city that I just cooked. Here I am making a veggie wrap for a day out:


This is a quick, easy and tasty vegan meal: you just need to wrap some rice, carrot, cucumber, olives, chickpeas and lemon juice and it’s ready.

Next stop: Melbourne. Be prepared for some videos of cute koalas, penguins and kangaroos…

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