Vegan Vietnam

I’ll be quick, because I don’t have much time: Vietnam is a great land for vegans and vegetarians. There is cheap tofu in the supermarkets, the local fruits and vegetables are delicious and, at least in the cities I visited, it was not difficult to find vegetarian restaurants. By the way… Oreos are vegan here as well… so… I might have gained some weight in the last month…

These are the restaurants I tried in the different cities I went to:

Tinh Tam – Le Loi (12 Chu Van An, Hue). It was so close to my hotel that I didn’t bother going somewhere else. The food was ok, they had a lot of options to choose from, specially if you enjoy mock meats. That’s not my case, because I don’t really feel that comfortable eating something which is not meat but looks like it. But anyway, it’s vegan and I’m on holidays, who cares! The price of the food was apparently cheap. For example, if I remember well, I got all this for less than 2.5 €:


The thing is, as in many restaurants in the country, they had a menu in English just for tourists and another menu in Vietnamese written on the wall for those who speak the language. According to some reviews on Happy Cow, the locals seem to get a normal dish for much less than 1€. It doesn’t feel fair, but the tourist price was cheap anyway.

Quan Chay Nhat Da (98 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An). The staff was lovely, they spoke English and always greeted me with a smile when I arrived. I liked the food and it was one of the cheapest places I found in Vietnam, less than 1.5 € for a meal with drink. I can’t find any pictures on my cellphone, sorry!

Am Thuc Chay Mani (291/2 Vo Van Than, Ho Chi Minh City). Nice decoration, food ok, staff ok and less than 2€ for something like this:


Apart from restaurants and Oreos, some other discoveries I made in Vietnam:

Gullón cookies:


I know, I know, when you are in a foreign country you should try the local food. But I’ve been away from home for a long time and this cookies imported from Spain are the ones my mum used to prepare my birthday cakes with when I was I child… And they are vegan, cheap, and easy to find in any big supermarket in Vietnam. The cake, which is automatically associated in my brain to the concept of childhood, should look like this:


Source and vegan recipe (only Spanish):

Of course, there was no cake for me in Vietnam, but it was a pleasure to eat the cookies anyway.



I knew the name, but I had never seen or eaten them before:


If you squeeze them, you can taste what is inside:


Very sweet fruit, and the way they have to be opened is a great anti-stress technique against Vietnamese street vendors.

Dragon fruit:


Isn’t it beautiful? It’s like a giant white kiwi with pink skin. I would like to take one home and use it as decoration for my bedroom. Oh wait, in order to do this trip I had to leave my old life behind, including my lovely shared flat in Berlin, so I don’t even have a bedroom to decorate…

I could spend hours writing more about Vietnam but I don’t have enough time. As I might be the worst blog updater ever, I will just try to update more often my facebook page with pictures and impressions of the countries I’m in. Like it, if you haven’t done it before 🙂

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