Mexico City: being vegan

As I’ve written before, I wasn’t feeling really great during my stay in Mexico City, so I don’t have many recommendations of places to go here. Let’s start with the vegetarian one, Los Vegetarianos (Avenida Francisco I Madero 56).

I don’t know if it’s always like that, but this restaurant seemed quite busy, a little bit noisy and had waiters constantly running from one place to another. But with a live piano player, vegan options for me and free wifi, who cares about the rest. Look, this is what I had for lunch:


Salad with vegan dressing


Veggie soup


Vegan albondigas + rice with vegetables

I found the food very tasty and the service was very attentive with my vegan picky questions. And, as always in Mexico, it was quite cheap.

On my first night, I went with some friends to eat at La Bonita (Tamaulipas 104). This is a pulquería, a place known for selling pulque, a Mexican sweet alcoholic beverage made of agave. But they also had some food. My friends helped me to find some options on the menu that could be veganized. First, a quesadilla de huitlacoche, which was some kind of fungus on a tortilla-bread,


and, as that hadn’t been enough, a tlacoya de frijol, which could be described as a pizza where the bread is filled with a bean paste:


That green vegetable that you see there is called nopal. Do you know what it actually is? A cactus. The nopal is very common in Mexican cuisine and I really liked its texture and taste. Sadly, I’m not good at describing tastes. Sadly, nopal is not that easy to find outside of Mexico. Ouch.

The rest of the time either I forgot to eat (happens more often than it should while travelling) or I cooked at the hostel I was staying at (Hostel Catedral, I highly recommend it). In Mexico it’s quite easy to find canned beans, tortilla bread and vegetables at almost every supermarket, so there you have your daily protein, carbohidrates and green things. And the hostel I stayed at had a lot of fruit to choose from for breakfast, so I always had my morning energy boost. For my trips, I managed to find a health store where tofu was sold (I think it was in 5 de Febrero with República del Salvador) and I would just fry it for a few minutes in the pan and then wrap it in a tortilla.

Mexico is over! Next post will be about Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

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