Mexico City: tour to Teotihuacan

I’m in Las Vegas Airport waiting for a flight to my new destination and I still didn’t finish writing about Mexico City. Ahhhhh. Let’s make it as short as possible.

On Saturday, I went in a tour to see the pyramids of Teotihuacan, close to Mexico City. First, there was a quick stop at the Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, still in Mexico City.


I’m not a fan of religious buildings, but it was impressive to be there just to see how seriously some people take religion. Do you see that man on the right of the picture? He probably promised the Virgin of Guadalupe that, if she helped him to achieve something, he would pay her a visit walking on his knees for 100, 200 metres, or even a couple of kilometres. There were many people doing that there.

You can’t see it clearly in the picture, but due to earthquakes and to the fact that Mexico City is continuosly sinking, the old Basilica, on the left, is leaning, which makes it even difficult to walk inside without feeling a little bit dizzy.

Then, there was a stop in a big handicraft shop near the Pyramids (they are always trying to make you buy things on these tours) where we would also be able to see some Aztec dogs, a breed typical from Mexico. What I saw there makes me recommend everyone who loves animals not to book an organised tour to Teotihuacan if it includes such an activity.


These poor dogs had very little space to move, they almost had no shadow to be protected from the sun even though their skin is very sensitive because they have no hair, and their cage wasn’t clean at all. Very sad to use them as a tourist attraction 😦

Finally, the pyramids! We started at the temple of Quetzalcóatl.


Then we were left alone to walk the Calzada de los Muertos (Avenue of the Dead).


This avenue goes along 2 kilometres until the main attractions, the Pyramid of the Sun:


And its smaller sister, the Pyramid of the Moon, here in the background:


If you go there, you HAVE to climb the Pyramid of the Sun. It’s the third largest pyramid of the world, please. And the views from above are breathtaking.

Next and last post about Mexico: how to be a vegan in Mexico City!

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