I spent two nice and calm days in Querétaro this week. I decided to go there because, to be honest, my Lonely Planet guide for Mexico suggested it on its tour of Central Mexico and, moreover, the historical center of Querétaro is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And I secretely enjoy adding new UNESCO sites to my personal list 🙂

This was by far my favourite city on my Mexico trip. Charming streets at sunset:

A promenade by the river:


One of the biggest acqueducts of Mexico:

And fountains, fountains everywhere:




Puppies throwing up water. Isn't that cute?

The best thing to do in this city is to get lost without a map in the centre and enjoy every street, every building and every captivating square, so I prefer not to give general travel recommendations. Plus, I’m in Mexico City now with a big headache, laziness and swollen calves and I don’t feel like writing.

Weeeell, this is a vegan bloooog, I have to mention the fooood. I tried Alcatraz (Avenida Universidad 21 between Ocampo and Guerrero), a vegetarian restaurant. They only had one menu, but they were able to prepare it vegan for me. Have a look:




Lentil soup


Rice & Zucchini filled with vegetables

It’s a pleasure for me to have (vegan) lentils when I’m eating out. Despite the name of the blog, I’m actually not a big fan of tofu and I would rather eat lentils, chickpeas or beans instead to get my protein. So I was happy in Alcatraz. Hmmm, that phrase sounded better in my head…

By the way, that zucchini dish? It seems quite easy to prepare and looks tempting even for non-veggies. I’ll definitelly try to cook that myself!

And all that for 45 MXN (~2.5 EUR, 3.45 USD). These prices are crazy, really.

As for accommodation, I stayed at Blue Bicycle Hostel, one of the best hostels I’ve ever been too: helpful staff, clean big rooms, well located and with a nice and welcoming courtyard:


Beds in dorms starting at 175 MXN (~9.7 EUR, 13.4 USD). Again, these prices for such a good quality are crazy.

My head is asking me little by little to go to sleep because I have to save a lot of energy for the next days. If everything goes as planned, I won’t be updating from Mexico next time… muahahahaha. Ha. Ha. Ha…

One thought on “Querétaro

  1. I am a vegan and will be going to live in Queretaro in April 2017 as an Expat from Australia. I am so excited as I have now been to Mexico twice and it is the place I want to retire forever. Thank you Mexicanos for your friendliness, respect and love of music

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