On Wednesday I arrived to Guadalajara. I was curious about the city and, moreover, my friend A., whom I hadn’t seen in 5 years, happens to live there.

About the trip, I have to say that I was amazed by the quality of the Primera Plus buses. A lot of space between seats, free snacks and drinks, wifi (well, not always working…), air conditioning to make you feel like a freezing penguin (usual in buses and planes here), power outlets every two seats, two toilets… and what I find most important, you get a ticket when your suitcase is put in the trunk. That way, only you can collect it afterwards. I’m always afraid of someone stealing my belongings while travelling. Or while everything. So this ticket system is like heaven for me. And all this for 16 EUR (~22 USD) for a 3 hour ride.

In the afternoon, I went for a walk in the city. There were a lot of painted bulls everywhere.


But it was quite hot and sunny and my brain can’t work properly under this circumstances, so I sat down to write postcards under the shadow of a tree in front of the cathedral:


And then dinner! I had a hard time finding it, but finally I arrived to Lúcuma (Ignacio Ramírez 100), which is the only vegan restaurant in Guadalajara. I didn’t manage to take a picture this time, but I had a hawaiian hamburger which was quite good. And again, inexpensive. I will try to start writing down the prices of the places I go to. Maybe, hmm, tomorrow…

On Thursday, A. took me to Tlaquepaque. This city is part of the Guadalajara conurbation (thanks to Wikipedia, every day I learn new conurwords) and has a nice street, Calle Independencia, known for its many handicraft shops. I specially liked seeing the sculptures of Rodo Padilla representing happy cute fat people. Like these ones. His gallery is easy to identify, there is always a happy cute fat mariachi bouncer near the door:


Then I went shopping for dinner in Soriana, a big supermarket chain, and this is what I took home:


Some vegetables, tofu, almonds, soya sauce for cooking, bread for sandwiches and fruit bars for… for getting as fat as the sculptures of Rodo Padilla. I cooked some rice with vegetables and tofu for A. and a friend of his, who were both not used to vegan dishes, and they seemed to like it. An advice for everyone when cooking for vegan virgins: don’t forget to have some tasty sauce (soya, tomato…) ready to use, so that the flavours won’t taste too new for them.

Then on Friday morning I went to the Instituto Cultural Cabañas, an impressive building and UNESCO world heritage site, which was built as a hospital and is now used for cultural purposes.


At the moment, you can find inside the works of Daniel Buren, which play with the symmetries of the inner courtyards:


And then I left in another Mexican deluxe bus for Morelia, which is where I am now. See you on Monday with a new post 😉

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