León and Guanajuato

I’m now in a bus going from Guadalajara to Morelia. This has been a busy week, jumping from one city to another. I’m afraid that for the coming days or even weeks I won’t be able to do very exhaustive vegan reviews for the cities I visit as I did with Playa…

On Monday I arrived to León. I flew from Cancún with Volaris, a Mexican lowcost airline. It’s some kind of a Mexican Easyjet: cheap tickets, you pay extra for the luggage and if you happen to feel thirsty or hungry during the flight, your wallet will hurt. But I found the overall quality good for the 95 EUR (132 USD) I paid for a 2,5 hour flight.

I was lucky enough to have a host family in the two days I spent there, who made me feel as if I was at home again. They even have a supersweet cat named Jimena which reminded me a lot of Grumpy Cat.



I spent Monday afternoon walking around León. Even the people from León will tell you that there is nothing special to see in the city apart from shoe shops, but I found the city center and its zona peatonal (pedestrian area) somehow charming.

On Tuesday, I went to Guanajuato. Everyone had recommended me to go there, and it was finally worth the trip. Guanajuato is a small town near León where you can spend hours and hours walking in the old streets between colourful houses. To have a better view, I took the funicular which goes up a hill near the center of the town:


Another thing not to miss in Guanajuato is the Callejón del Beso (the Alley of the Kiss). According to the legend (short version), Doña Carmen, a young woman who lived in this street was in love with a man, Don Luis, whom her father didn’t like. The only way for Don Luis to be close to Doña Carmen was to see her from the balcony of the house opposite to hers. The street was actually so narrow that they could even kiss, just imagine the situation:


But then one day her father saw them kissing, he got very angry so he killed her and then her beloved became very upset. End of the story.

In Guanajuato, it’s also quite common for tourists to visit El Museo de las Momias, a museum of mummies. I’ve read that some of these consist of people who were thought to be dead and were consequently buried, but then woke up in the tomb and tried to escape without success. Due to a natural process, their bodies became mummified. This way, still today you can see the despair and agony in their faces and gestures. Do I have to explain why I decided not to go there?

Let’s talk about nice things! Lunchtime! After checking Happy Cow (as always), I decided to go to Centro Bharati, in Plaza del Baratillo. They are not vegan, but I asked them if they could do something vegan for me and this is what they came with:



A little bit of protein, a little bit of carbohidrates, a little bit of vegetables: perfect for me. And not expensive at all.

And in the evening, I wanted to check the only vegan restaurant in León, Lesvia (Juarez 311-B). It’s actually inside a bigger center focused on healthy living, and I was given some brochures about the negative effects of animal and processed products on health, which is always interesting to read. They also gave me a brochure advertising their natural treatments for aaaall illnesses. It was actually written like that in Spanish: “para toooodas las enfermedades”. Oh yeah. Brochures apart, I liked the food, which was presented in a similar way as hours before in Centro Bharati:


Again not expensive, but I would rather recommend this place to people really interested in alternative therapies and healthy living, or you might feel a little out of place here.

Then on Wednesday morning I left for Guadalajara. That will be my next post.

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